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Welcome to the Region 10 Technology Academy! The purpose of this blog [short for web log] is to introduce you to a new type of publishing that has taken media, education, and politics by storm. In our brief activity, we will use this blog to demonstrate how groups and individuals can publish their thoughts, dreams, and visions of technology to a wider audience via the Internet. We hope you enjoy this experience!

The Region 10 Technology Academy Team

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Challenge #1

You are at a school where you move up with your students, and this is the beginning of the second year with the same group of students. Last year, student behavior was a yearlong issue. Any time you incorporated technology, something always got broken by the students or an important component of the machinery was lost. Last year you helped to win a grant for laptop computers which arrived at the start of this year. Your principal has decided that you should be the one to house and use the new laptops. Having had a bad history with these students, you are anxious to bring in brand new laptops to your class. How would you address this challenge?

Challenge #2

You have attended a number of Technology Workshops and have collected a library of innovative projects that you would like to begin with your students. With a newfound passion for technology, you go to your Technology Coordinator to schedule some time in the computer lab because you only have four computers in your classroom. Coldly, he tells you that the computer lab is completely booked for the remainder of the year and there is no way you can use the lab. How would you address this challenge?

Challenge #3

You are in the middle of executing a wonderfully planned six week Technology Enhanced Project. This project has been the only activity in which the students have been enthusiastically involved in all year. Students have been asking questions, working well within groups, and are excited to begin each day. At the next staff meeting, your Principal announces that all teachers must now focus on Test Prep, as your school has just been added to the SURR List. How would you address this challenge?